July 13, 2010

Coupons! (again) and a shopping warning

Last coupon post I made I said that I wasn't into coupons. I just began house-sitting, and enjoyed the last month of the owners' newspaper subscription, and therefore the coupons. Now that I've used coupons, though, I think I may continue to.

10¢ per ounce used to be my price point for cereal. And I thought that this was a really good deal. Actually, I still think it is a really good deal, but I see now that I can do much better than this. On Saturday I bought 8 boxes of name-brand cereal for $8, averaging at less than 7¢/ oz.

So, today I have been researching online coupons, with the help of my aunt (thank you!). I have found The Krazy Coupon Lady to be very helpful. All You also has a lot of printable coupons.

On Saturday I also bought pasta. It was advertised at being 50¢ per 12-16 oz. package. I planned to only get 16 oz. packages. After arriving home, I discovered that I had bought 5 12 oz. packages and 1 24 oz. package (priced at $2). The lesson: look at what you are purchasing, to make sure you got what you really wanted.

1 comment:

  1. See, it's amazing how that works. It all started with you inspiring me, then I was able to help you in return.

    And I know what you mean...I try to be careful but it just seems too easy for the wrong item to wind up in the cart.

    Continued good luck to you!