August 2, 2011

Maceys Case Lot Sale

Maceys' caselot sale begins tomorrow, and runs (most likely) for the next 2 weeks.  Here is my review on what is a good deal.  Remember that has a great star rating system, showing what they say is a good deal.

Milk and Eggs
  • Country Fresh $8.88-I've heard good things about this brand, but have never tried it.  According to the Augason Farms website, this can makes 39 cups of milk.  This brings the cost to $3.64/gallon.
  • Morning Moo Milk Alternative $8.88.  I cannot stress enough that this is not real milk.  It tastes good when drinking it straight, and works great in baking.  I bought a 50 lb. bag of it several months ago.  I have since decided that because of all of the ingredients in it, that this is not what I want to feed my family.  I will finish what I have, and will not be buying more.  Ingredients can be found here.  Anyway, each can makes 90 cups of milk, bringing the cost to $1.58/gallon.  Great price!  The chocolate milk comes to $2.33/gallon.
  • Country Cream $11.99-I really like this milk.  I think it tastes good to drink.  The price on this comes to $2.40/gallon.  Not bad compared to the prices at the store.
  • Whole eggs $11.99-I use these in my baking frequently during the winter when fresh eggs are more expensive.  I only use 1 T egg powder per egg, allowing the eggs to go farther than what the directions say.  Using my method, each egg in this can costs about $.07, or a dozen eggs costs $.84.  Great deal!  (This may be a great item to give to loved ones for Christmas!)
  • Butter Powder $18.99-I've never had this before.  The prices comes to $3.62/lb. (4 sticks).
  • 45 lb. pail of wheat $15.99 and 50 lb. bag for $11.99-Great prices!  This is much cheaper than buying wheat at a Family Home Storage Center (LDS Cannery).  In the bag, this wheat costs $.24/lb. which is an amazing price!  This is a great stock-up price!  (Can you tell I'm serious about this being a great price?)  To learn more about changes in the price of wheat and other items, look here
  •   50 lb. bag of oats $19.99-Great deal!
  • Chopped Onions, 23 oz., $5.99-  Not that great of a deal.  The Family Home Storage Center has a much better price.  By the way, 6 T of dehydrated onions equals about 1 cup of fresh onions.
  • Canned tomatoes $.50-Yeah!  I get to stock up!  I'm all out!
  • Canned beans $.50-Best deal you can find these days.
  • ShurSaving brand canned pears and peaches, 29 oz., $.99-This is a good price, but ShurSaving isn't known for having the best quality.  I would probably want to try a can first if I were stocking up on these.
  • Pineapple $.88-Good price!
  • 25 lb. bag sugar $12.99-Not that great of a price.
  • Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce $.88-Decent price, but you can find better.
  • Tuna $.57-I haven't bought tuna in a long time, but I need to stock up on some.  Is this the best price I'm going to find? (I'd really like to find it for $.35 a can, but I have a feeling those days are long gone.  Is this the price I need to settle for?)
  • Tomato sauce $.25-The best I can plan on finding
  • Tomato paste $.39-I haven't bough tomato paste in a long, long time.  Is this a good price?

Did I leave anything out that you have questions about?  Leave a comment if you do, or if you can answer my questions regarding tuna and tomato paste.