November 25, 2014

Black Friday Shopping

I have plans to start writing on this blog again.  I won't post often, but more frequently than I have the past couple of years.
Thanksgiving is this week!  Yeah!  I love this season.  I don't so much like the shopping, though.  I've gone shopping early in the morning on Black Friday a few times, but I don't like it.  Not happening this year.
Last week I signed up for Ebates.  This site gives you cash back when you shop online.  I like this idea!  I already did some shopping at Kohl's today.  The items I purchased were all on sale, plus I got 15% off with a coupon code, I got free shipping, $15 Kohl's Cash, plus 6% cash back from Ebates.  If you use the link to Ebates that I'm giving I'll get even more cash back from them, FYI.  That's not why I'm telling you about them, though.  I just like sharing great deals!