March 26, 2013

Preserving Eggs

With Easter being this week, we will see the best prices on eggs of the year.  So now is the time to stock up.  But how long can eggs really last?

I do not refrigerate my eggs.  Last summer, when my apartment would get up to around 100 degrees inside, I stored eggs in the linen closet.  They would be just fine for 1-2 weeks, then some would start going bad.  Now I store eggs in the closet under the stairs, and the eggs are just fine for 1-2 months.  Actually, I haven't had a bad egg yet.  We eat them too quickly for me to know how long they really could last.

On Saturday I found eggs for 88 cents per dozen at WinCo.  So I stocked up.  Some went into the closet as is, and others I slathered in mineral oil.  Directions on how to do this are HERE.  This same article links to an article from Mother Earth News that discusses multiple methods of storing eggs.  It's a good read.

This week's egg prices (I'll update this when I get the ads this afternoon):

WinCo .88 (on March 23)
Harmons .99
Petersons .88
Fresh Market .99
Reams .95
Lee's  .88
Maceys  .99


So time to stock up!  And remember that WalMart price matches!