October 4, 2012

Rising Food Prices and Some Good Sales

Food prices are continuing to rise.  The drought certainly didn't help the food prices any.  Hmm, funny how that works.

So, stock up while you can, if you can.  (I wish I could, but we're still living off of food storage more than purchasing it.  I'm sure grateful for what we have!)

Here are a few good deals:

Fresh Market

potatoes $2.50 for 15 lb bag
pork sirloin chops, boneless-$1.79/ lb  (expect meat prices to continue to rise)


vegetable and canola oil-$6.99/1 gallon
flour-$7.99/25 lb
frozen vegetables-$.77/lb
canned tomatoes-$.49
50 pound bag red or white wheat-$15.99 (it's $11.45 for 25 pounds at the LDS cannery)
45 pound pail wheat-$21.99 (it's convenient to already have it sealed in a pail-it'll last for a long time this way)
(Talk about rising food prices.  Here are August 2011 prices at Macey's-45 lb. pail of wheat $15.99 and 50 lb. bag for $11.99)
powdered eggs-$13.49 (equates to $1.16/dozen when using 1 tablespoon powder per egg-this is what I do for all of my baking during the winter)
toilet paper and paper towels- $6.98 for15 Roll Strong & Absorbent Paper Towels, 36 Roll Advantage Pack or 18 ct. Big Roll Bath Tissue (yes, I copied that from the ad)

Any questions?