January 29, 2011

Bulk Food Comparison Shopping

This week I have been doing simple math to determine where the best deals are right now (Maceys vs. Family Home Storage Center [LDS canning]).  So I thought as long as I've already done the work, I should share.  The ad I'm using at Maceys is good through Tuesday, February 1 (although I'm guessing these sales will continue for another week).  The prices I'm using for the Family Home Storage center began on January 7, 2011.  The prices are usually valid for about 6 months.  I also give my opinions of all the products below, so you may consider reading, even if you won't be shopping.
Let us begin.

Powdered Milk
  •  Non-instant nonfat dry milk from the LDS cannery in a #10 can = $1.83/gallon
    • Purchasing it in a 25 lb. bag brings it down to $1.60/gallon
    • I like to use this powdered milk in baking.  I do not like to drink it plain.  I do like to drink it with a large helping of Nestle Quik.
  • Morning Moo's Lowfat Milk Alternate from Maceys in a #10 can = $1.60/gallon
    • Purchasing it in a 50 lb. bag brings it down to $.87/gallon  (I'll be buying this!)
    • This is not real milk!  It does contain milk ingredients (whey).  It has 2.5 grams of saturated fat per cup of reconstituted milk.  If any of this bothers you, then do not buy this.  I like to use it in sauces (white sauces, etc.).  It makes them nice and creamy, and does not give the sauce a powdered milk taste.  The package says that it is great in baking because it shortening-like properties.  I have not tried this yet.  It tastes good to drink.  In fact, I know several individuals and families who have lived off of this when they were unable to afford milk.  I cannot always get it to dissolve properly, though.  And powder at the bottom of a cup of water=really yucky!  I guess I just need to drink it with a spoon, and stir before every sip.
  • Country Fresh Milk at Maceys in a #10 can = $3.75/gallon.  Expensive!

Powdered Eggs
  • Maceys has these in a #10 can for $12.79.  This equates to $1.10/dozen (if you use 1 tablespoon of powder per egg).  I have had great success using powdered eggs!  I use them in everything right now, since eggs are ridiculously expensive (over $1.50/dozen).  (Actually, Fresh Market has an in-ad coupon right now for a dozen eggs for $.79, maximum 2.  Woohoo!)  Anyway, I will be purchasing 2 more cans of powdered eggs.  Be sure to buy the whole egg mix.

  • LDS cannery has both red and white wheat for $.31 per pound when purchased in a 25 lb. bag.  (This is slightly higher than the prices a year ago.  I personally think the price will continue to go up.)  
  • Maceys has both red and white wheat for $.39 per pound when purchased in a 45 lb. bucket.  This makes the bucket cost $3.54, if I say that the wheat really only costs $.31/lb.  I hope this makes sense.  Regardless, I will be buying a bucket of white wheat.
  • Learn more about the difference between red and white wheat here.

All Purpose Flour
  • Maceys has a 50 lb bag of all purpose flour for $12.99.  Great deal!
  • LDS cannery has a 25 lb. bag of all purpose flour for $10.30.

  • LDS cannery has oats (both quick and regular) in a 25 lb. bag for $9.85 (equal to .$39/lb).  
  • Maceys has 23 lb. of oats in a bucket for $17.89.  (It would be cheaper just to buy the bucket separately.)

  • LDS Cannery has spaghetti for $1.05/lb (in #10 can) and macaroni for $1.13/lb (also in #10 can).
  • Maceys has 3 lb. bags of spaghetti and macaroni for $1.69 (equal to $.56/lb)
  • If you want pasta to store for 30 years (or survive a flood), go ahead and get it sealed in the #10 can.  If you want it to eat, get it in a bag.

  • Bean prices at LDS cannery in 25 lb. bag
    • Black beans=$.53/lb
    • Pinto beans=$.70/lb
    • White beans=$.50/lb 

Maceys also has good prices on 5 lb. containers of honey, refried beans, etc.  Check out the deals at grocerysmarts.com.

Anything that I missed that you want to know about?  Does anyone know when Maceys case lot sales are?  Or is this it, and they're just not using the name?  Because these do seem like good sales, but just not quite as many advertised items.  Hmmm.

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  1. Thanks Jessica! That is a lot of work and so helpful. I am definitely going to Maceys today.