January 24, 2011

Family Plan

January is quickly slipping away.  I still haven't touched my 120 hour kit, but I did complete my family plan.  First, the purpose of a family plan is to help you find your family in case of an emergency.  Where would they most likely be?  Where can you meet?  Who can you call to give a report of how and where you are, and maybe find out how other family members are, and where they are?  I filled out the forms online here.  Then I printed out a completed family plan.  It only took a few minutes!  I made copies, and put a copy of everything in our family's 120 hour kit.  I will put a copy of the papers my husband may need in his work kit, when I make that in February.
Have you made a family plan?


  1. Hey Jessica! How are you doing? It's been awhile. You are just amazing at all of this food storage stuff. My Grandpa's Christmas gift to us was some money to buy food storage, so I really need to work on it!

  2. Thanks, Robyn!
    There's some great deals on a few food storage items at Maceys right now. Some of the "deals" aren't so good, though, so be careful. If you'd like, I can do a post on this.

  3. That would be great! I always buy bulk thinking it is a great deal, but it isn't always.