January 5, 2011

Hot Deals this Week at Utah Stores

I was just browsing this week's grocery ads, and thought I'd share what I learned.
What's on sale this week at many Utah stores?  Boneless skinless chicken breasts and broccoli.  Some stores you have to get a 10 or 20 pound box, but at Lee's you don't.  It's priced at $1.49/lb.  I am very grateful it's such a great price this week because I realized just yesterday that I am almost out, if not completely out, of chicken.  So I will probably buy 20 pounds or so, slice it up, and put it into quart size freezer bags in meal-sized portions.  Broccoli is on sale at several stores, as well.  At Lee's it is $.79/lb.  I'm trying to feed my family more vegetables.  I realized a couple of weeks ago that my husband is supposed to eat at least 3 1/2 cups of vegetables a day.  He probably only eats 1/2 cup per day.  Similar story with me and my kids.  So I'll buy a bunch of broccoli.  I may even freeze some.  Haven't decided yet.
Case Lot Sales start at Smith's today.  This also means that Maceys, Lee's, and Fresh Market will have their case lot sales soon.  Water, canned beans, canned tomatoes, Hunt's pasta sauce, Duncan Hines Cake mix, and Pillsbury Brownie mix are all good deals.  I will be stocking up on Shredded Tillamook Cheddar Cheese.  It is $9.99 for a 5 lb. bag.  My family loves cheese!

Learn more at grocerysmarts.com.

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