January 26, 2011

Food Storage Basics

I have two food storage principles that I think fit in perfectly with my recently discussed topic of gluten free eating:

1.  Eat what you store, and store what you eat.  It's that simple.
2.  Learn to cook.  Even if you don't bake your own bread, for example, usually, know how to.  This way if you had to, you could.  So you should also store a little of these baking ingredients as well.

With these two principles in mind, it doesn't matter what food allergies or eating style you have.  Food storage does not need to be difficult or expensive.

Here's an example, continuing on with the bread example:
If you normally buy your bread, buy a couple of extra loaves to keep in your freezer.  You may also like to find a bread mix that you like, and store a little of that.  Once every month or two make some bread from the mix.  Then learn to make bread.  Store the ingredients to make this as well.  A couple of times a year, make some bread. 

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