July 12, 2010

3 Month Supply Step 3: Purchase Food to Make Your 3 month Supply Complete

I am finally finishing my posts on the 3 month supply. Please see my other posts on this topic, if you have not already: Introduction, Step 1, and Step 2.

I have heard of several different methods for purchasing food to make your 3 month supply. A lot of people purchase all of the food at once. Then, some people keep a piece of paper next to their food storage to write down any time they take a can so that they can purchase a new can to replace the one they used. Other people don't purchase any more of the item until what they have is gone.

Here is my method:

  • When an item that I keep in my 3 month supply is on sale, I inventory how much I currently have of that item. Then I consult my Excel document to see how much more I need to complete my 3-month supply.
  • I purchase this amount of the item, plus enough to last until the next time I expect this item to go on sale (usually 6 months). For example, my family eats approximately 6 cans of refried beans in 3 months. When refried beans go on sale, I look in my cupboard, find that I only have 2 cans, and then buy 16 cans, because I don’t expect them to be this price for another 6 months (12 cans to last 6 months, plus 4 cans to make a 3 month supply).

Examples of people's 3 month supply lists/organization coming soon!

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