July 31, 2010

Year Supply

I would not recommend even thinking about starting to organize your year supply of food until you have your 3 month supply of food organized, and well under way. If you do not have your 3 monthly supply started, please consult my 3 month supply posts. If you feel comfortable with your position on your 3 month supply, you may continue reading.
Store a year supply of basics. If this sounds overwhelming to you for any reason (time, space, money, etc.), as it does to me, then don't worry about a year supply. Think of this in terms of 1, 3, or 6 months instead. Once you have and use basic foods, you may branch out to other foods as your interest, time, finances, and space allow.
So, what should you store? A calculator can be found online at About.com. Or you can use this spreadsheet that I created. Just print out each page of this spreadsheet, then fill in the highlighted cells, showing how much you want to store (goal), and how much you have. With both of these calculators, be sure to individualize it to your family's needs and preferences. If you don't like one type of bean, substitute for another. If you prefer one type of grain over another, make those substitutes, as well.
In future posts I will address each basic food storage item individually.

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