April 12, 2011

What Do You Do Without Indoor Plumbing?

Now that April is half over, I am finally looking at the goal I set for the month of April back in December.  The topic is "Water Outage."  In other words, what would I do if I could not have water instantly come into my home by simply turning or lifting something.  While I love indoor plumbing, and honestly "don't know what I would do without it," people lived without indoor plumbing for thousands of years, and some people still do.  I think I will survive if I have made a few preparations before hand.
I have had very few instances in my life when I have not had running water at the tip of my fingers.  Two funny stories of when the water has been shut off for short periods of time can be found here and here.  If these very short periods of time (just a few hours each) without running water were difficult for me, what would I do if I had to go without it for days, weeks, or months?
So first I will address the question of what I use water for.

1.  Drinking
2.  Washing hands
3.  Showering
4.  Laundry
5.  Cleaning
6. Toilet
7.  I feel I'm missing something...
8.  Edited to add:  Cooking

Throughout the rest of this month I hope to address these topics.  This is definitely an area that I need to prepare for.  You can find information on storing water here.

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