April 7, 2011

Yogurt Update

Last week I tried making yogurt in a crockpot, according to the recipe at Everyday Food Storage.  At first I thought the idea was kind of silly.  Why heat milk for hours in the crockpot when I can heat it on the stove in a fraction of the time?  The only reason is because this makes it a great one pot dish.  I used far less dishes by making it start-to-finish in the crockpot.  The other great thing was that I didn't have to worry about balancing jars in water in the cooler or my kids dumping the cooler over.  The best part of all was that I only let the yogurt sit and cultivate and breed all of that good bacteria for 7 hours.  In the past I've always done that for 12.  The result was that the yogurt wasn't nearly as tart.  It tasted so good!  My husband even admitted that "it's good for plain yogurt."  My mom liked it better than the plain yogurt she buys at the store.  This is a keeper method!  Check it out here.

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