April 30, 2011


Here is the promised information on using the toilet without an operating toilet.  Lovely, I know.  I posted on this topic here, as well. What I have learned through my reading on this topic, is that there are several methods.  I have determined (this is simply my thoughts-if you have other ideas, please feel free to argue) that it doesn't much matter what method you use as long as you have a method.  Human waste running down a river, or in someone's backyard is not a good method, and could lead to wide-spread dysentery.  In other words, people would die.  So, here is one method.
First, it must be said that a composting toilet is the best option.
Otherwise, here are the steps:
  • Sanitize and dry your toilet.
  • Plug the hole in toilet bowl with a foam-filled rubber ball to prevent gases and critters coming into your home.  If no ball is available, plug the hole with a cloth saturated in shortening.  Repeat this step in every drain and toilet in your basement.
  • Line the toilet with a heavy-duty plastic bag.  Use the toilet bowl only for solid waste.
  • Liquid waste should go in another container.  Dilute with water and pour on soil.
  • After using the toilet, cover completely with dry dirt, sawdust, wood chips, or some other similar substance.  It is helpful to keep this in a bucket next to the toilet.  An old soup can and stick can help with the spreading.
  • When bag is full, carry outside in something sturdy, such as a cardboard box.
  • Dig a 3-4 foot hole.  Dump contents of bag into hole, and throw bag on top.  Cover with about 2 inches of dirt.  
  • Place a board over the hole between each bag dump to keep animals and humans out.
  • When the hole is filled to 6-8 inches from the top, cover with about 2 inches of soil.  Cover with about 1 inch of lime (to help keep dogs out), then a layer of newspaper.  Mound the rest of the soil on top.

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