February 12, 2011

Water Storage Saves the Day!!!

Last week my husband was fixing the bathtub (isn't he wonderful?!) so he had to shut off the water in the house.  Fine.  We can handle that.  Unfortunately, the problem was going to be harder to fix than he initially thought, and the water was off for about 5 hours.  Everything was fine until my potty-training child peed on the couch.  My baby had just woken up from his nap, so I went into their room to get the older child some new underwear and pants.  And the baby had taken off his diaper and pooped.  (That's what I get for not duct taping the diaper!)  I am so grateful that I had this on hand:
filled with water

Thank you to Food Storage Made Easy for this idea a while back!  I put the baby in the sink, and was able to wash his dirty hands and feet very nicely with the spray tip on this old soap container.
See, being prepared really does help me nearly every day.  Sometime I'll have to write more about powdered eggs.  Those save me nearly every day!

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