February 16, 2011

Krazy Daze Sale

Smithfield Implement is having their annual Krazy Daze sale next week, February 21-February 26.  I love this sale!  It is a great time to get preparedness/camping items.  You should be getting their ad in the mail soon, if you haven't already.  Or you can email me to get more information.
I love their crank flashlights (on sale for $3.97).  I will be getting enough more so that I can have one in every room of the house.
I also love the Dynamo Radio.  This is a crank-powered FM/AM radio, flashlight, and siren.  They are on sale for $10.97.  I have one in my 120 hour kit, in the car, and in my bedroom.
Lots of other great things on sale!

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