February 17, 2011

Follow-Up on Smith's Deals

This is a continuation to this post.

I went shopping at Smith's, and bought a whole lot of convenience foods.  My family doesn't typically eat a lot of convenience foods, but when they're cheap I like to stock up.  Simple is good sometimes.
Anyway, just had to post that according to the $3 coupons I got at the end of my trip, I can only use one coupon per transaction, and I must spend more than $3 per transaction.  This is really annoying since my plan was to use them to only buy milk, and anything else that is such a great deal I just can't pass it up.  Since I will now have to do 5 transactions, I will end up spending more money than I hope.
Here's what I recommend doing if you plan to buy more than 1 batch of 10 items:
Split each set of 10 items into separate transactions.  Use your first $3 off coupon on your 2nd transaction.  Repeat.  This way you only take home 1 $3 off coupon.
Hopefully this makes sense.  Just wanted to pass on the news.

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