June 9, 2010

Solar Activity

Yesterday while listening to the radio I learned that the sun is increasing its activity, and that this could affect technology, and shut off electricity. I'm not a scientist, and I really didn't understand what it was talking about, but I found it rather interesting.

So what does this have to do with food storage? Nothing, but it made me think about how much we rely on electricity for the necessities of our lives: light, heat, transportation, food. It affects every aspect of our life, really, in some direct or, more commonly, indirect way. Power outages are a common result of any natural or man-made disaster. I know that I need to look at ways that I can improve my alternatives to my regular ways of life. (And get in better shape so that I could bike the 70 miles to check on parents if I ever needed to.)

In case you're interested, here's some websites that talk about this increased solar activity:


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