May 19, 2011

Food Prices

I have said before that food prices are rising.  You all know that, though, if you step foot into a grocery store regularly.  I did a quick cost comparison of prices at the  Home Storage Centers (LDS Cannery) in both January and April of this year.  You can find that here.  You will see that the price of all food items went up, with the exception of potato flakes.  I believe prices will continue to rise.
A few price examples:
  • In January a 25 lb. bag of black beans cost $13.20.  Today it costs $16.80.
  • In January a #10 can of nonfat dry milk cost $7.90.  Today it costs $8.60.  That brings the cost of a gallon of milk from $1.83 to $1.99. 
  • In January both red and white wheat cost $7.65 for a 25 lb bag.  Today they cost $11.45.  Huge increase!
I don't think prices are done rising.   Just something to think about.

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