May 24, 2011

Basic Emergency Preparedness

I just heard on ABC news that FEMA is running out of money due to the hundreds of tornadoes this year and the flooding of the Mississippi.  What this tells me is that we can't depend upon the government for aid.  The more prepared we are to grab and go, or stay in our homes without electricity, gas, water, etc., the better.  A quick review of the absolute basics:
  • Have a 120 hour kit-food, water, medical and hygiene supplies to last at least 5 days
  • Have a family plan
  • Have at least a couple of weeks of food that don't require cooking and/or a way to cook your food
  • Have a gallon of water per person to last at least 2 weeks

Cell Phones in Emergencies

Keep your cell phone battery charged at all times.  I plan to charge mine every night just before bed.  Have an out of state contact planned, and a set time to make your phone calls in case of an emergency.  Then, if there is an emergency, shut off your phone.  Only turn it on at the planned time and quickly make your phone calls.  This will lengthen your battery's life, and make sure that you're not clogging the airways.  

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