October 28, 2010

My New Menu Plan

I have a new menu plan. While I like to cook and eat lots of different foods, my husband and children like the same few meals repeated frequently. So I gave in, and we are eating primarily their favorite meals.

Here is our 2 week menu:

Barbecue chicken with macaroni & cheese
Meat loaf with potatoes
Spaghetti and meatballs
Chicken enchiladas
Beef enchiladas
Sweet & sour chicken
Chicken with white sauce and pasta or potatoes
Chili OR White Chili
Vegetable soup OR Tortilla Soup
Breakfast for dinner OR beef taco bake

We'll have these meals, with a few others of my choice mixed in, over and over again.

Pros of this menu method:
  • It will be easy to decide what to have for dinner
  • It's really easy to make a 3 month food storage plan (I will post it soon!)
  • I can easily freeze meals ahead of time when I buy large quantities of meat
  • My family will enjoy dinner all the time, since these are all meals we all enjoy

Con of this menu method:
  • I will get a little bored cooking and eating the same foods

How do you plan your menu?


  1. I plan by how much time I have to get things ready and I try to not have the same category several times in a row (alternate potatoes, pasta, and rice...and/or beef and chicken or vegetarian). This is a loose rule.

  2. Good idea. I try to do the same thing.