November 16, 2010

Beginning Wheat

When it comes to long-term food storage, wheat is king.  Why?  Because it stores well, is inexpensive, versatile, and nutritiousness.
When stored properly, wheat can be stored for over 30 years.  To last this long, it must be stored in #10 cans with an oxygen absorber, kept below 75°, and away from water, insects, and rodents.
However, you should not just let wheat sit on your shelf for 30 years.  You should use it now.  Why?
  • Who wants to eat 30 year old food?  Bluck!
  • You should know how to use it before you have to use it.
  • It's nutritious!  Eat it every day!
  • If you start eating a lot of wheat suddenly, you will get very sick.  You need to build up your tolerance gradually.

Coming Up:  Nutritional properties of wheat--Why you should eat wheat today (and tomorrow)

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