September 25, 2010

Great Deals At Maceys

Update in this post.

If you live in Utah, check out the deals at Maceys. Click here. The deals mentioned below are good through October 5 (I'll update that date if I find out otherwise).
Dried whole eggs are $11.98 per #10 can. 1 Tab is the equivalent of a medium egg. 2 Tab is an extra large egg. So, there are about 236 medium eggs in the container. That equates to about 61 cents per dozen medium eggs.
Morning Moos Milk Alternative (which is not real milk, but does contain milk ingredients, and it tastes good) is on sale for $8.88. This equates to $1.58/ gallon. Remember, though, it is not real milk. (I'm sure I'll post about this later.)
There are also great deals on 50 lb bags of flour, and 45 lb buckets of wheat, along with many other items.
Case Lot Sale runs from September 29-October 12. This is usually a great time to stock up.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jessica! I have no idea what is a good price/idea for long-term, bulk storage. I will definitely have to get some.